A unique, suggestive, dream location.
Explore Villa Bac
A border place immersed in the green of San Marino, a few steps from Rimini. Here there is an unexpected splendid residence from the late 19th century: the exclusive Villa Bac, an ancient jewel and at the same time modern.

Its centuries of history imprinted on the walls frame a welcoming and contemporary environment, ideal for building new stories.

A Villa in a sea
of green

The great hall

There was one

A Villa in a sea of ​​green
Villa Bac emerges magnificent from a large panoramic garden surrounded by greenery, where the cool shadows of the olive trees draw the passing of the day between emotions, laughter and special moments.

The garden

4,500 m2 of enchantment for the view,
for the mind, for the heart.

The secular olive trees

Centuries of history that smell of nature
and of the fruits of the earth.

The pool

A cool rest under the sun,
in the shadow of the walls.

The great interior room
The large internal room is the soul of Villa Bac: a place halfway between the memory of a Renaissance living room and an exclusive modern environment . A wonder to welcome weddings, ceremonies and events .

Elegant style

An environment between centuries-old influences and modern details.


A place for everyone

The large room can accommodate up to 250 guests.


Catering and cooking

A true experience of unique and refined flavors.

Once upon a time …
Villa Bac was born in 1896 as a manor house of an extensive agricultural estate a few steps from the center of Falciano. Since then the Villa has seen different owners alternate, and each one has written a piece of history, carving their own passage in the walls with a different architectural style. Thus, Villa Bac has become a place with an eclectic vocation , union of different souls and stories .

First a country house, then a residence, then a club, and finally a restaurant. And then we come to our days: a today in which Villa Bac is no longer just a fascinating ancient residence, but the temple of the most authentic emotions .

Your dream becomes reality at Villa Bac.